So, I've been a Stumbler on StumbleUpon for about a year now, started off an avid user of it until I realized I could relate to the MeNotMeth ads as they correlated to my obsession with the stumble button. So I eased off and decided to spend more time outside doing stuff.

A number of weeks ago, my boyfriend finally started stumbling and I've noticed he can't quite stop. So it has brought me back into the realm of randomly generated internet browsing. O, the sites to be seen, the videos to be watched. Cats launching themselves into boxes they clearly don't fit within, babies dressed as megaman, tips on how to prevent accidentally queefing (!), I assure you the list goes on.

Another thing I happened to notice is that every time I glance over at Taylor's stumbling, he comes upon excessively obscene pornographic photos. Every single time I mindlessly take a gander. I don't even have a rancid enough vocabulary to describe what I've seen on his laptop. And every time this happened, I'd find myself feeling pit-of-the-stomach discomfort. Maybe it makes me uncomfortable to see people doing these things to each other, I simply do not know.

Eventually Taylor unchecked the erotica topic from his interests and now comes across significantly less vulgarities, only for me to realize that my curiosity has taken over, and it has an appetite for the sacrificial blood of the innocent. I don't want to pretend to convince myself I'm comfortable with these things, I'm sick of living in self-deception! I'm ready to delve into the uncanny world of sex on the internet. As a starting point, I have eliminated many of my original interests and checked off nearly every X-rated topic; gay sex, bdsm, fetish, and so on. I just want to know. See some wild shit. Expose myself to a universe of culture I have never had the pleasure of witnessing in depth.

And so begins my week of an internet sex subculture assimilation,


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