answered their distress call, answered it well.

This horrible witch of the newspaper staff at my school wrote a god-awful article about how the reason Nancy Pelosi won't succeed is that she is a woman. I'm no feminist, but she said that with women in leadership, we're susceptible to another 9/11.


Elizabeth Bridge, Editor-in-Chief and Author of Aforementioned Article:

Last Thursday was the first time I've seen an issue of the Smoke Signal all year, so out of interest, I turned straight to the opinion page to read your piece on Nancy Pelosi, and felt maximal compulsion to say that I am less offended as a woman than as an American who supports any kind of progress.

You agree with her policies but are concerned that she's a woman? Tell me, how will other countries will "look upon" America's decision, when I can list over 30 nations with women in even higher leadership positions? How would they "look upon" your article?And in an attempt to disprove your counter-opinion, you say it: "severe conservatism is extremely degrading to women," and other nations' opinions of America are far more important. So much more that we elected George Bush, you're right, I can't think of a single person who criticizes him. Wait, yeah I can, and the significant amount of them have rational purposes to do so.

As for now, I guess I'll just keep my guard up, and look out for terrorists who might attack us because we have a female speaker in the House of Reps., and [potentially] president of the U.S.

To keep an influential appearance to anyone, we can't just give the impression of seeming "strong" and "united." We have to BE strong and united, and opinions such as yours debase that possibility.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_Presidents (Copy-Paste)
There's a list of people you should probably apologize to for existing.

Carmen Nicole Lopez

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