seven awkward stitches (condensed)

seven promises coincide.

a stranger in the family
a heart ache in a dental office

I brought seven areas of discomfort
and I have enough for the whole class.

We've pulled back your skin
cracked open your skull
and through a funnel,
We're filling it with thoughts
you never imagined to imagine.

We are the chill
after a sneeze, cough, and sniffle.

We break the Tenth Commandment.

Three years in a stalemate
for a week there,
it went somewhere.
A year ago.

The second instance of inner dissent:
The smallest reenactment of the war scene from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers going off in your heart, and you're well aware of it.

III. Father Leaves
and he doesn't want to say goodbye.

When he gets back, he says,
We're going to have a talk.

It's a common theme in literature and movies and songs and all that bull shit.
Usually R & B, which sucks, like most R & B. (Who'm I kidding?? --all R & B.)

The uncomfortable part is that when you have to decide whether or not you genuinely care.

So, in no specific order, such comes fourth in a list of seven.

Q: If I have such a rotten soul,
why am I so fortunate?

A: I don't believe in Karma.

But it's the gray hairs growing from my scalp,
That's what really gets me.

and that really shitty (Paula Cole?) song comes on that shitty radio station,
and it goes, "Where have all the cowboys gone?"

VII.This is It.
The least comfort lies in the fact that no matter what,

you are always waiting for something.

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